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Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2021-07-26 A Long Awaited Re-Design Editing Break of 2021

Since the last entry to this story I have been editing a lot of terrain stuff, recently PMC Iowa Garden City 8km and then just couple of weeks or so ago cant recall got into PMC Grande Gardens 16km big re-design project. Re-design project goal was to remove all the empty space from this terrain and make it look more realistic, this is supposed to be fictional american terrain and not some goofy looking usual fictional terrain.

This project also includes renumbered railroad silos which definitely messes up my savegame porting so it needs to be mostly scrapped as its way too much fiddling work to try to get everything as they were in previous terrain version. Also I don't need the money or the grain so its pretty meaningless to me, no point spending many hours working with that aspect of this savegame.

2021-07-26T2250 After a long re-design editing break I'm cautiously back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero. Todays plan is not to really play but just prepare our farm for the huge re-design terrain upgrade that is looming on the horizon...

I'm not going to farm but just use trains and possibly trucks to haul our massive 50+ million liters of grain to sell. Hopefully this all could be handled through trains and rather quickly, I honestly have no idea how big of an ordeal is this, one train can hold 2.860 million liters so in grand scheme of things its not much. One train is 20 cars 143k liters each car.

From previous experience I know its a tedius long task to haul huge amounts of grain and by huge amounts we're talking about few million liters, but in this savegame I got 50+ million liters I havent even counted at this time.

2254 Loaded savegame up, its got now 1051hrs in it

With seasons you have specific day actually hour which is the best selling price, I don't care about any of that now, all I want to do is empty my grain bin silos and railroad depot silos, money is not an issue because I have no need for it.

Technically I could just save time and simply delete all the grain from the bin silos, but somehow that feels silly, like putting all that work to harvest the fields and then... delete grain, yeah nah won't be doing that.

14/mid-autumn in-game 1300hrs. Okay lets hop into a hmm NW train and start to haul some grain for sell.

Railroad Silo 3 (RS3) has 1.104m liters of fertilizer, no grain crops at all. Okay lets head to RS4 then.

RS4 has 13.941m liters of soybeans, whoah thats a whole lotta soybeans Smiley :o

2308 Started to haul RS4 soybeans into Selling Point 9 Railroad (SP9R)

I wont be writing down play-by-play's here as its way too much copy pasted info and nuisance to write down all the timestamps and numbers, there is so insane amount of grain to haul that I only list the beginning and end of each silo or when something else worth to mention happens.

2330 Full train of 2.860m liters of soybeans at SP9R, lets start selling. Budget now 8.586m
2356 Started to refill another train load, budget now 13.569m

2021-07-27T0018 Started to sell another train load
0035 Dead tired cant keep my eyes open, need to take a nap (or go back to sleep whichever it actually is)
0305 Woke up and PMC Gaming computer booted up, lets continue this day of selling grain
0340 I'm starving, lunch break...
0404 Feeding time is over, back to selling grain

After that time stamp I did not write play-by-play even for unloading/refilling events, I just... was too lazy. Took video though so check out the video from this date. I was watching twitch live stream from Big_guy86 game-play testing PMC Iowa Garden City 8km, once his stream is over I'm sure I'll be focusing much more on this story page Smiley ;)

0507 RS4 is now completely empty, loaded last soybeans into the train, glad to have this railroad silo emptied out

However seeing how long it took to empty this railroad silo which "only" had 13.9m liters... I am not sure its a good idea to go through hauling for sell all the 50+ million liters of grain we have in total, that would take insane amount of days. Yes days, we are well beyond hours now... There is snowball chance in hell you could get all this done within a day, maybe in multiplayer with 5+ people hauling but not in SP, noway.

0525 Train is empty at SP9R, budget now 32.860m

Okay so I decided that I am not going to train and semi-truck haul these grains for sell, it is just way too much work it takes forever in real life gaming hours, I have much better things to do than haul.

Am I cheater now? Well... no, because I don't need the money, hauling this stuff would be just self torture to waste my time for no gain, I like big railroad logistics where there are some PURPOSE to it, but I own all the land, have all the best vehicles and looks like 32.860m in cash so WHY would I properly haul grain to sell, I just don't see any point in it.

My plan now is to visit all railroad depots and our farm bin silos, write down (actually screenshot) all silo contents so we have a full catalog of our products. For example I must know where fertilizer and seed are located because those will be used in the future.

Using ESC prices menu it shows our farm bin silos have: sunflowers 28.9k liters and soybeans 10.969m liters. Railroad silos across the terrain have: corn 17.286m liters, soybeans 45.507m liters, canola 17.548m liters, barley 5.5k liters and wheat 8.533m liters.

14/mid-autumn in-game 1707hrs best selling prices: wheat 1123, barley 1072, canola 2160, sunflowers 2323, soybeans 1917 and corn 800.

0536 Saved game and exited, took backups from the savegame directory as whole

Was looking at savegame XML files and decided to not go railroad riding all those depots through because I can see all the numbers here in savegame items.xml file.

Alright so what does all those numbers mean?

Well all crop grains combined to one total liter number is astronomical 99.876 million liters! Smiley :D

Notice that I just sold 13.9m liters so todays savegame load initially had 113.776m liters hehe

Then I started to dig into the savegame file to sort out all fertilizer and seed product storage locations and liter amounts.

Railroad silo numbers are MINUS ONE, meaning if its filename is grainSiloRailroad02 in reality it is railroad silo 1. This will be fixed on next version (its already fixed they are now in sequential order 1,2,3,4 etc).

0620 Went through savegame items.xml and picked our products from there

This is the dirty list directly copy pasted from savegame items.xml file:

FS19_liquidStoragePack/liquidStorage.xml, HERBICIDE 132168.921875, LIQUIDFERTILIZER 643971.125000
grainSiloRailroad02.xml, BARLEY 5562.523438, SOYBEAN 18410958
grainSiloRailroad03.xml, WHEAT 2993519, CANOLA 2948032.25, MAIZE 15288.750977
grainSiloRailroad04.xml, FERTILIZER 1014500
grainSiloRailroad06.xml, WHEAT 588583.8125, CANOLA 2611313.75, SOYBEAN 3170513.25, MAIZE 1659226.625
grainSiloRailroad07.xml, SOYBEAN 4091413.25
grainSiloRailroad08.xml, SOYBEAN 3171175.25
grainSiloRailroad09.xml, WHEAT 3265388.75, CANOLA 2752727, SOYBEAN 10915977, MAIZE 2276813
grainSiloRailroad10.xml, WHEAT 1686040, CANOLA 9236717, SOYBEAN 5747596, MAIZE 13335264, SEEDS 79109.1875
PMC_FarmSilos/farmSiloLarge.xml, SEEDS 7160.242676
PMC_FarmSilos/farmSiloLarge.xml, SOYBEAN 9860694, SEEDS 7777.777832
PMC_FarmSilos/farmSiloLarge.xml, SUNFLOWER 28914.214844, SOYBEAN 51593.445313, SEEDS 2032183.875, LIME 563394.9375
PMC_FarmSilos/siloExtension.xml, SOYBEAN 1057172

Next I'm going to virtually sell all the grains from those bin silos because as I just explained above it takes way too long to haul using trains and semi-trucks. Below is a list of bin silo names, grain name and liters, then converted == to money.

RS1 arley 5562 == 5,896, soybean 18.410.958 == 35,291,970
RS2 wheat 2.993.519 == 3,361,139, canola 2.948.032 == 6,367,680, maize 15288 == 1,222,400
RS5 wheat 588.583 == 660,324, canola 2.611.313 == 5,639,760, soybean 3.170.513 == 6,076,890, maize 1.659.226 == 1,327,200
RS6 soybean 4.091.413 == 7,842,447
RS7 soybean 3.171.175 == 6,078,807
RS8 wheat 3.265.388 == 3,666,595, canola 2.752.727 == 5,944,320, soybean 10.915.977 == 20,924,055, maize 2.276.813 == 1,820,800
RS9 wheat 1.686.040 == 1,893,378, canola 9.236.717 == 19,949,760, soybean 5.747.596 == 11,016,999, maize 13.335.264 == 10,668,000
PMC_FarmSilos/farmSiloLarge.xml, soybean 9.860.694 == 18,901,620
PMC_FarmSilos/farmSiloLarge.xml, sunflower 28.914 == 65,044, soybean 51.593 == 97,767
PMC_FarmSilos/siloExtension.xml, soybean 1.057.172 == 2,026,269

Then all that junk counted together it will be 173,797,152 in money, that combines to the existing cash will be 206.657 million Smiley :D

So went to savegame careerSavegame.xml and farms.xml to edit that money in. I didn't remove grain from silos because on re-design terrain upgrade I have to create a new savegame which does that automatically for me. Right now I'm not going to play this savegame until the terrain upgrade is ready.

Next terrain upgrade has to include my farm bin silos on three different locations plus those fertilizer, lime, herbicide and seed products. Not sure I'm going to just dump them into one farm bin silo or leave them for their real locations where few of them was in railroad silos. I would really prefer them to be in our farm yard bin silos instead hmm. Oh well need to decide it once terrain upgrade is available.

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