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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-05-31 Corn Harvesting

2021-05-31T0020 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 1032hrs in it.

You already know what todays plan is; continue corn harvest from F56 Smiley :)

After upgrading to latest courseplay before starting to play there was now some issue with combine nearest waypoint startup, combines did not respect their sideways "lane" position in the convoy at all, they just started to harvest in the middle of the course waypoints. So I needed to revert back to last stable version, which was yesterdays v6.4 upgrade.

So restored that version and combines were starting up just nicely, alright back in business.

0241 Lunch break...
0308 Done eating, back to corn harvesting
0411 First lexion combine is low on fuel, need to refill vehicles
? Refill operation complete, harvesting continues

10/mid-autumn in-game 1952hrs, weather +17/+16C, night has fallen need to time accelerate until tomorrow morning. 11/mid-autumn in-game 0955hrs, weather +8C/+15C, soil is dry lets continue harvesting corn.

0546 Time to take a quick break...
0615 Break over, back to harvesting

Courseplay was randomly acting up sending semi truck hauling grain into west direction, it was always on the same location coordinates wise but not on every run, no idea why it did that there was no errors in the log. Very annoying, but luckily PMC Grande Gardens 16km has terrain edge blocks so vehicles wont fall off the terrain.

0722 Lunch break...
0753 Done eating, back to corn harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1016 Felt quite exhausted so decided to call it a night, actully its been a long day about 10 hours of harvesting.

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