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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-05-06 Harvesting Soybeans

2021-05-06T0408 New farming day has started. This savegame now has 1017hrs in it.

Spent few days of just editing PMC Iowa Garden City 8km placing some trees, its been slow progress but did not want to come to play FS19 on Gaming computer at all as I consider it waste of time. Today however... I just stood up and started Gaming computer so here I am, hmm okay, I guess...

0507 Finished quick lunch break, now back to harvesting

Night had fallen so I had to skip until morning daylight. 03/early-autumn in-game 1042hrs, weather +11/+18C forecast clear. Lets continue harvesting.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0626 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 SE

Now that F82 SE section was done I was also done playing for today, this was just a quick nice farming session to finish this section, now I'm going back to edit PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain until time comes to return into F82 harvest.

0632 Shutdown FS19 for today

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