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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-04-18 Oh Well Its Courseplay

2213 New farming day has started. This savegame now has 982hrs in it.

2224 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 1h 31min, 4x tools

And again in this field the courseplay infuriating bug where vehicle takes off to a random direction, this happened by the power pole avoidance spots. Just... NNNGGGH! makes me so angry Smiley :(

Actually not true, it was not so bad, more like shrugging it off "oh well its courseplay", or that its so early in the day that I'm not going to be bothered to be frustrated, yet, I just want to enjoy some good large scale farming.

But again, I hope that some day we have a courseplay just simply... works.

2317 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
2324 All rubicons full of liquid fertilizer, we continue
2339 Again at one power pole lead rubicon took of to random fucking direction, ok NOW I'm pissed off Smiley :(

What fucking good does software that automates field work but you cannot trust as it randomly messes up vehicle routes Smiley :(

Basically I should discard courseplay anytime it fails like this without any logical reason, same as I have zero tolerance policy for log errors, I should have zero tolerance policy for courseplay bugs.

The honest truth is that if you want stress free FS19 game-play you need to drive manually using GPS, there is no if's or but's about it, courseplay is great but doesn't work 100% all the time. Of course its pointless to play driving manually with single vehicle on terrain of this size, unless you want to spend a WEEK working on single field.

On last pass lead rubicon again shot off to random direction but I was on top of things and corrected it immediately. Didn't need to get angry as I was expecting it.

2021-04-19T0015 Finished fertilizing F82

Now all three fields are 100% fertilized, next is to herbicide spray them once field stages switch and they accept herbicide. This should have already happened on F56 and F59 so I'm moving sprayer fleet there now.

0059 Started herbicide spraying F56, courseplay ETA 1h 13min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0149 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
0154 All rubicons topped up, we continue
0217 Nap time...
0700 Yawn, now that was a long nap, now back to farming
0709 Finished herbicide spraying F56
0719 Started herbicide spraying F59, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Off they go, another one hour field work. Semi truck liquid tanker has 32.2k liters of herbicide, next refill will pretty much empty it as if all rubicons were completely dry it would take 36k liters to fill them up. As seen from F56 you can get this field done with single refill, lets hope whats left in the tanker is enough. I just try to avoid unnecessary trips all the way across the terrain.

0810 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
0817 All rubicons topped up, we continue

Lead rubicon only got 6.7k liters out of 9k capacity, I don't think she will reach the course end. Oh well I'm driving semi truck tanker now to liquid storage site to pickup another full 120k load of herbicide, we don't need it all but no point driving such distances for "this should be enough" type loads. Okay off we go.

Its now in-game 2042hrs, night is falling quickly. Liquid storage tank site has 252.1k liters of herbicide and 643.9k liters of liquid fertilizer. Then I picked up full 120k load of herbicide.

0843 Semi truck tanker reached F59 just moments before lead rubicon finished its course
0847 Finished herbicide spraying F59

18/late-spring in-game 2108hrs, weather +23C/+10C and night has falled, its dark. Time to skip the night when hopefully F82 also germinates and we get to herbicide spray it.

19/late-spring in-game 0719hrs, weather +14/+11C, gooooood moooorning gaaaardens! Smiley ;)

It was one of those foggy days, this kind of weather kind of sucks, I don't like the grayish gloomyish weather.

Drove semi truck liquid tanker and rubicons to F82, then refilled them. All good to go now.

0910 Started herbicide spraying F82, courseplay ETA 1h 37min, 4x tools
1003 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
1008 All rubicons topped up, spraying continues
1055 Started live streaming in twitch and youtube
1103 Finished herbicide spraying F82

Parked rubicons and semi truck liquid tanker, then it was just a lot of time accelerating until our crops are ready for harvest.

1234 Started harvesting canola F59, courseplay ETA 7h 54min, 4x tools.
1428 Feeding break is over
1656 Time to call it a night, 6hrs live stream done, shut down FS19

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