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2020-10-29 Back To Farming After A Month Break

2020-10-29T1212 After a month break from any gaming I'm back at PMC Gaming and want to try some farming.

Its offtopic but I have been real busy with Linux and hardware installations which include editing tools for Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) terrains as well. But right now I just felt kind of exhausted of all the command line text based stuff, I need to get back to graphical gaming stuff, so here we are.

Honestly cant even remember in what stage this savegame was, as seen above it was sep 20th the last time I played. I believe F30 is not even half way done yet and one of those small sections under courseplay took like two hours or more.

I have tons of real life farming videos to watch on youtube as well. So there is plenty of stuff to do here no need to go back to linux cmd line anytime soon in that regard heh.

I'm really not enthuasiastic about playing FS19, but hopefully I can easily get back into it and that would also get my editing juices flowing. But again going a bit offtopic. Lets start harvesting, to see how new courseplay version works and if I still remember how to drive a grain cart Smiley ;)

This savegame has now 735 hours in it.

1303 Finished harvesting soybeans... whatever section of F30 this was hehe.

In-game 2005hrs night is falling fast. Going to make a new grain truck courseplay courses and after that time accelerate until morning. Also had a lunch break here.

1455 Started harvesting soybeans F30 central north.
1819 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central north.

1821 Decided to call it a night, it was a nice start but yeah I started to get a bit bored for to constant pressure of grain cart driving to keep combines running. No idea if I'll continue tomorrow, probably not.

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