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This is a long lost story of Start From Zero savegame on PMC Texas Rowena 8km Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) real world data terrain.

2021-02-01 Note the date of june 2019 which is by now ages ago, this was before FS19 Seasons mod I believe, that might have caused for me having so many fertilizing contracts in so early on the savegame. I had forgotten this savegame until I saw the .PHP web page file in PMC Gaming HTML dir hehe, I have now finished New Farmer game-mode in PMC Texas Rowena 8km so this Start From Zero... is obsolete, right?

After finding this story text, it was added to list of stories being added online, it took all these years until now at 2024 to get this page released, better late than never I guess Smiley ;)

2019-06-10 Beginning

2019-06-10T1656 Started PMC Texas Rowena 8km v0.1 farm-manager mode in multi player hosted server and saved career. Then edited savegame for PMC Start From Zero mode Smiley :)

1701 Accepted contract for harvesting F83 and borrowed vehicles. Oat harvest, 26.1k reward. Take grain to sale point 3 which is right next to F83 hehe.
1716 Combine header hit the fruit in F83, lets do this.
2042 Finished harvesting oat F83
2051 Sold excess grain in sale point 1 and cashed in the contract reward. budget now 74.6k, not bad.

This took a while as I chatted in discord with Txzar and SinisterSockz etc Smiley :)

2252 Accepted contract for fertilizing F128 and leased rubicon 9000
2337 Finished fertilizing F128, contract, collected contract reward 98.8k.
2340 Accepted contract for fertilizing F41
2347 Started fertilizing F41, contract.

2019-06-11T0021 Finished fertilizing F41, contract, collected contract reward 91.5k.

Decided to call it a night here as I was getting pretty tired, been a long day already. Lets see if I continue tomorrow or later.

Second Day Fertilizing Contracts

1207 Back at PMC Gaming, lets start up FS19 and continue farming.
1221 Accepted contract for fertilizing F06, F20, F18
1228 Started fertilizing F20, contract.
1236 Finished fertilizing F20, contract, collected contract reward 31.2k.
1239 Started fertilizing F18, contract.
1245 Finished fertilizing F18, contract, collected contract reward 24.8k.
1253 Started fertilizing F06, contract.
1315 Finished fertilizing F06, contract, collected contract reward 82.6k.
1322 Accepted contract for fertilizing F10
1326 Started fertilizing F10, contract.

Had to take an hour break cooking food and have a lunch.

1506 Finished fertilizing F10, contract, collected contract reward 72.1k.
1508 Accepted contract for fertilizing F33
1514 Started fertilizing F33, contract.

PMC Texas Rowena 8km v0.1 looks pretty good with fields, farmlands, buildings and utility poles done. Still of course has that barren empty look because no trees or bushes or any other kind of small decorations. This part of Texas dont have many trees though, so there wont be drastic change on the look when vegetation is placed, I'd say the random bushes might give better upgrade to the look than trees as weird as that sounds. We'll see. In any case I'm really happy how Rowena is developed currently.

1528 Finished fertilizing F33, contract, collected contract reward 47.8k.
1538 Accepted contract for fertilizing F39
1540 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
1551 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 43.3k.
1552 Accepted contract for fertilizing F76
1555 Started fertilizing F76, contract.
1643 Finished fertilizing F76, contract, collected contract reward 99.9k.
1643 Accepted contract for fertilizing F72
1645 Started fertilizing F72, contract.
1707 Finished fertilizing F72, contract, collected contract reward 74.6k.
1708 Accepted contract for fertilizing F49
1710 Started fertilizing F49, contract.
1729 Finished fertilizing F49, contract, collected contract reward 56.9k.

Budget now 656.7k, quite sum heh. Time to return this leased rubicon 9000

1731 Purchased rubicon 9000 with gps for 504k. Budget now 143.1k
1733 Decided to call it a night, time for some editing. The current progress is on nice pace but nothing sexy would not happen for a while again after buying that first own rubicon sprayer, it would be just more and more fertilizing contracts and for that, I'll play on another day...

The End

2024-02-06T08:33:00Z Release of this one page story, conclusion and thoughts.

There are no further story for this savegame, it almost feels like it was forgotten during the heavy terrain development and then came the now official "finished savegame" which is New Farmer game-mode to which there are no story written, there are videos in youtube either straight up captured videos or twitch live stream video-on-demand uploads. You can find them from youtube/pmcsince1984 "PMC Texas Rowena 8km" search.

This page is so short it was almost not worth to release, but its part of our FS19 real world data terrain development history so decided to put it online, regardless of its size.