PMC Farm Lab Terrain Farming Simulator 19 PMC Farming

Small Terrain for Mods Testing

Terrain size 1280 meters x 1280 meters ie 1.2 kilometers x 1.2 kilometers (ravenport is 2km), terrain type: fictional.

Click map image for more screenshots.

Farming Simulator 19 Terrain - PMC Farm Lab, PDA Map

PMC Farm Lab is a tiny terrain kilometer and file size wise to quickly test newly downloaded mods, vehicles, implements, placeables, etc. For example simple thing as having vehicle shop real close to fields where to test your implements etc. Also this is excellent test terrain for Precision Farming.

This terrain is not meant for regular farming game-play.

When you download new mods you should never add them without testing to your precious old savegames because bad mods riddled with errors can easily break your save, yes you should backup your savegames but still its a nuisance to restore those. This is where PMC Farm Lab helps.

Very small terrain and mod file size allows you to quickly load it up. Once you are in-game vehicle shop, buy station for fertilizer, lime and seeds are right next to a row of small fields to test your vehicles and implements on. Even though this is small terrain there is plenty of empty flat space to place new placeables.

White shape in PDA image is the vehicle shop building. Shorter row of fields are the 1-8 numbered AI field definition fields, longer row of fields are non AI fields with pre planted crops. Buy station and farm bin silo are located right side of vehicle shop.


Basic terrain map features include:

  • PDA Map with fields + icons
  • Vehicle shop with customize/repair area
  • 8 fields, normal fields (field definitions)
  • 14 fields, featuring ALL in-game crops, harvest ready
  • Farm bin silo holding 10,000 liters of basic grains
  • 3 selling points
  • Buy station for fertilizer, lime, seeds, diesel fuel
  • Small forest area for forestry logging
  • Precision farming soil types map
  • Player owns all the land and fields
  • All field sizes 0.496 ha (per field)

Fields with harvest ready crop:

  • Wheat
  • Grass
  • Canola
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Sugarbeet
  • Sunflower
  • Soybean
  • Oilseedradish
  • Poplar
  • Oat
  • Sugarcane
  • Cotton

Unfortunately there are no built-in money cheat yet so you could buy all the new mod vehicles etc you desire. Farm manager game-mode gives you 1.250 million and you can of course use developer console gsCheatMoney to add money. If you lease vehicles/implements then 1.250 million should last quite a while.

If you are using Precision Farming mod then those 14 non AI fields in the upper row will not get soil sampled using paUncoverAll developer console command. This is because paUncoverAll uses field definitions which these pre planted harvest ready fields do not have.


2019-03-13 was when this terrain was created (or my last note of that time), simply from a need of fast loading small terrain where easily test new mods. First iteration was 2 kilometers x 2 kilometers in size. In 2020 terrain was re-created from scratch using smaller 1.2 kilometers size just to show people howto use actual terrain size heh.

Asked around ideas from community players, got some nice ideas what to include, some of them are already in others you can check from changelog page. If you have further ideas how to make such mod testing terrain more useful please let me know.

Please send us feedback, bug reports, anything that could help us to improve this terrain. Join PMC Tactical forum, see contact page for details.

Dev Diary

Read all about development of this terrain from our dev diary pages, get the root index from Dev Diary PMC Farm Lab page. Also don't forget to check PMC Tactical Forum FS19 Editing area for all the latest development discussion.


See Changelog PMC Farm Lab for all changes since this terrain was initially created. Known issues list is also available in the changelog page.


License: CC BY NC ND, which means you are free to distribute/share the original 7-zip packet but NO commercial use and NO editing, see LICENSE.txt for details.

Required Mods

None. This terrain is prepared for Precision Farming with a custom soil types map so if you so choose, you can use Precision Farming mod with this terrain.


PMC_Farm_Lab_v1.3.7z 5.16mb Torrent Magnet.

For installing please read how to install FS19 mods and how to install PMC terrain mods.