Developer Diary PMC Ohio Westhope 8km - PMC Farming


This is a developer diary for Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) terrain called PMC Ohio Westhope 8km.

Unfortunaely I was not writing dev diary texts back when PMC Ohio Westhope 8km terrain was created and edited.


Last night opened PMC Ohio Westhope 8km in global mapper, exported KMZ file and then terra incognita downloaded new ArcGIS world imagery satellite source. The old 2019 download was fine, pretty good actually, this new 2023 was... well different, it looked more dry, maybe it was taken at just about harvest time when there was just endless golden brown ready to harvest crops on the fields. Otherwise the satellite imagery was pretty much the same, did not spot any new farm yards or anything else changed place.

2023-03-03 Heightmap Day

2023-03-03T21:48:00Z New editing day has started, today is a heightmap day.

USGS 1m heightmap download. Looks good in global mapper, did not export it out yet as I don't think I have FS19 in-game working terrain project yet.