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North West Texas All The Fields Story

I got FS17 in may 2017, played on goldcrest valley of course but my first user made custon terrain was North West Texas by Txzar. I played what I recall over 400 hours of it. After I discovered how useless grind the hard difficulty level is I started to play on easy difficulty level and my goal was to not use money cheats and buy all the fields.

Purchasing fields, from cheapest to the most expensive is my plan.

2017-06-07, F32
2017-06-08, F8, F25
2017-06-09, F3
2017-06-10, F13, F31
2017-06-14, F6
2017-06-15, F24
2017-06-20, F21
2017-06-22, F30
2017-06-23, F1
2017-06-24, F10
2017-06-25, F16
2017-06-26, F2, F4, F23
2017-06-30, F18
2017-07-01, F07
2017-07-02, F12
2017-07-03, F11
2017-07-04, F22
2017-07-05, F15
2017-07-06, F05 (forgot to buy it earlier heh), F17
2017-07-07, F19
2017-07-08, F26
2017-07-09, F27
2017-07-11, F9, F14. Today all the good fields (not blocked by narrow fence) purchased! I was so happy after ALL this work! Smiley :D

locked off by fence for even slightly wide vehicles (but you can go around in SE far corner):
212000, f34, 3.28
474000, f33, 7.32
520000, f35, 8.03

Did a lot of twitch live streaming while playing, a lot of Big Bud, SPSL9 and Seed Hawk usage with courseplay.