Cornbelt All The Fields Story Farming Simulator 17 - PMC Farming

FS17 Cornbelt All The Fields Story

Idea was to buy (money cheat) and plough all fields, seed too if possible but it was not the requirement to accomplish one field task, basically I went after the RED color on the map.

2018-10-01T2315 Started to play. Sold all the existing equipment and bought my usual fleet of vehicles.
2321 started plowing F49. dont remember when finished and started F50 heh
2018-10-02T0035 started plowing F35
0046 finished plowing F50
0132 finished slurry fertilizing F49
0137 started seeding F49
0140 started slurry fertilizing F50
0213 purchased F01 and F02, started plowing F02
0225 finished seeding F49
0305 finished plowing F35
0318 finished slurry fertilizing F50
0323 started seeding F50
0340 started plowing F01
0427 finished seeding F50
0430 purchased F22 and F23, started plowing F23
0534 purchased F61 and F60, started plowing them both
0635 finished plowing F60 (was merged with F61)
0638 started seeding F60
0642 finished plowing F23
0644 started plowing F22
0655 finished plowing F01 and F02
0655 started seeding F01 (and F02)
0806 finished seeding F60
0839 purchased F03 and started plowing
0843 finished plowing F22
0847 started seeding F23
0904 purchased F29 and started plowing
0918 purhcased F62 and started plowing
0927 purchased F24 and started plowing
0948 finished plowing F62
0950 started seeding F62
1034 finished plowing F29
1035 finished plowing F03
1105 finished seeding F62
1140 finished slurry fertilizing F35
and finished playing for today at 1154hrs Smiley ;)
2142 finished plowing F24
2152 purchased F08 and started plowing
2208 started slurry fertilizing F24
2208 finished seeding F23
2210 started seeding F22
2217 purchased F63 and started plowing
2223 purchased F31 and started plowing
2240 purchased F25 and started plowing
2303 finished plowing F08
2307 purchased F07 and started plowing
2310 finished seeding F01
2332 finished seeding F22
2348 started seeding F03
2355 finished plowing F63

2018-10-03T0002 purchased F64 and started plowing
0038 finished plowing F64
0041 started seeding F29
0047 purchased F65 and started plowing
0051 finished seeding F63
0059 finished plowing F25
0102 finished plowing F07
0105 started seeding F64
0107 purchased F26 and started plowing
0109 finished plowing F31
0113 finished plowing F65
0114 purchased F06 and started plowing
0117 purchased F56 and started plowing
0122 purchased F30 and started plowing
0140 finished seeding F64
0146 finished seeding F29
0149 started seeding F31
0154 finished seeding F03
0210 started seeding F08
0314 started seeding F25
0333 finished seeding F08
0335 finished plowing F56
0339 finished plowing F26
0346 finished plowing F06
0347 purchased F05 and started plowing
0353 started seeding F07
0345 purchased F57 and started plowing
0401 purchased F21 and started plowing
0406 started to sow F65
0410 finished seeding F31
0430 finished seeding F65
0433 started seeding F56
0433 finished slurry fertilizing F24
0501 finished plowing F05
0502 purchased F04 and started plowing
0515 finished plowing F57
0517 purchased F58 and started plowing
0553 finished seeding F25
0600 finished plowing F58
0608 purchased F59 and started plowing
0618 started seeding F24
0629 finished plowing F04
0635 finished plowing F59
0639 finished seeding F07
0642 purchased F55 and started plowing
0653 purchased F15 and started plowing
0707 started seeding F06
0707 finished seeding F56
0737 finished plowing F30
0740 started seeding F58
0744 finished plowing F15
0746 finished plowing F21
0748 purchased F14 and started plowing
0756 started seeding F30
0806 finished plowing F55
0810 purchased F54 and started plowing
0815 purchased F20 and started plowing
0821 purchased F38 and started plowing
0840 finished seeding F58
decided to finish for today at 0853hrs, or at least take a break, got pretty exhausting already.
2208 finished seeding F59
2214 started seeding F57
2232 finished seeding F24
2251 finished plowing F14
2252 purchased F13 and started plowing
2302 finished plowing F54
2303 finished plowing F20
2305 started seeding F26
2320 purchased F19 and started plowing
2323 finished seeding F06
2324 finished plowing F13
2325 finished plowing F38
2328 purchased F12 and started plowing
2331 purchased F52 and started plowing
2333 purchased F39 and started plowing
2337 started seeding F05
2351 finished plowing F39
2352 purchased F41 and started plowing
2356 finished seeding F57

2018-10-04T0010 finished plowing F41
0011 purchased F43 and started plowing
0052 finished seeding F05
0054 started seeding F04
0107 finished plowing F12
0122 finished plowing F43
0123 finished seeding F55
0148 finished plowing F52
0157 purchased F53 and started plowing
0228 purchased F16 and started plowing
0234 finished seeding F26
0239 purchased F40 and started plowing
0319 finished plowing F16
0329 finished seeding F04
0330 purchased F17 and started plowing
0350 started seeding F16
0417 finished plowing F40
0426 purchased F42 and started plowing
0434 finished seeding F16
0435 started seeding F15
0445 finished seeding F54
0447 finished plowing half of the F17 (dont ask)
0452 started seeding F52
0502 realized F42 did not need ploughing, only fertilizing, so stopped plowing it
0540 purchased F37 and started plowing
0550 finished plowing F53
0558 finished seeding F15
0614 purchased F09 and started plowing
0627 purchased F48 and started plowing
0643 finished seeding F30
0704 finished seeding F21
0710 started seeding F20
0745 started seeding F38
0749 finished seeding F52
0754 started seeding F53
0817 finished plowing F48
0843 purchased F10 and started plowing
0846 finished plowing F19
0859 purchased F47 and started plowing
0906 purchased F11 and started plowing
0907 finished seeding F14
0922 started seeding F13
0929 purchased F18 and started plowing <- largest field in cornbelt, 601 hectares! Smiley :D
1006 finished seeding F13
1016 finished seeding F20
1020 started seeding F19
1059 finished seeding F38
Finished playing for today around 1100hrs, started to get pretty tired. Nice session from 2200 - 1100hrs heh.
1838 started seeding F39
1844 finished plowing F47
1900 finished seeding F39
1901 started seeding F41
1905 purchased F51 and started plowing
1925 finished seeding F41
1930 started seeding F43
1937 finished seeding F53
1938 finished seeding F12
1953 started seeding F09
2008 finished plowing F11
2039 finished seeding F09
2041 started seeding F11
2046 finished seeding F43
2049 started seeding F40
2125 started seeding F48
2221 finished plowing F51
2227 finished seeding F40
2231 purchased F44 and started plowing
2259 finished seeding F48
2314 finished plowing F44
2315 purchased F45 and started plowing
2331 started slurry fertilizing F42

2018-10-05T0006 finished plowing F45
0021 purchased F46 and started plowing
0023 finished seeding F11
0027 started seeding F17 (well this side of the tracks anyways)
0035 started seeding F47
0120 finished seeding F17
0128 finished plowing F46
0201 purchased F36 and started plowing
0211 purchased F34 and started plowing
0228 finished plowing F37
0238 started seeding F37
0247 finished seeding F47
0307 finished plowing F18
0344 purchased F27 and started plowing
0404 started seeding F51
0412 finished plowing F34
0414 purchased F33 and started plowing
0426 finished seeding F19
0502 finished plowing F27
0520 purchased F28 and started plowing
0600 purchased F32 and started plowing
0609 finished plowing F33
0641 finished plowing F36
0646 finished plowing F28
0808 finished seeding F51
2018-10-05T0816 finished plowing F32 <- NOW ALL THE FIELDS ARE PLOUGHED AND MANY SEEDED TOO! Smiley :D
0823 finished playing for today, felt great to accomplish my objective of plowing all the fields! Smiley :)

Used a lot of Big Bud 450, 747, John Deere Flex Disk 2623 50ft plough and Seed Hawk.